“Initially coming from a rural area, my ultimate dream was to give everyone a chance to reach the heights they ever wanted irrespective of who they are or where they came from.”

-Harikumar K. R

Zuzukart founded in 2020 and based in Kerala, India aspires to be the next household name all over the world.

Harikumar K R the founder of Zuzukart felt the pressure of the business world from a very young age. Even after facing lots of challenges for almost 25 years, his mind never stopped giving life to varieties of an idea for the betterment of others.

Specially to establish a nation where everyone enjoyed equal opportunities. One of his most favourite ideas was to develop a stable platform for others that made their life easy and hassle-free. But never had the courage to construct it. But years later with the help of the Zuzukart team and family Harikumar’s best idea had a place to expand.

Harikumar K R (the founder) came with this innovative idea when he realised that his own state Kerala being one of the leading states in education was still not completely aware of the potential of the e-commerce websites. Many were still leaving under the rock. He also wanted to give more importance to the cultural roots he grew up in. To advise everyone that our tradition is where we should go back to. He naturally wanted to make others proud of their cultural traditions. After years of persuasion from his family and friends, Zuzukart is alive and kicking.

At Zuzukart we want to provide the most reliable service to our loyal customers. We want to make everyone’s life problem-free and better.

Zuzukart wants to provide people with a confined space where they can purchase and effortlessly get service near them wherever in need.

Zuzukart wants to bring a little bit of magic in everyone’s life. From urban to rural Zuzukart respect each and every loyal customer of ours. The year 2020 is very unpredictable and with many hurdles, Zuzukart wishes to be a helping hand. Also to bring back our culture through varieties of local products giving everyone a feeling of nostalgia. With great power comes responsibilities and we want to be part of your life to bring great joy.


To give equal opportunities to every member of the society and become a platform where our trusted customers can buy everything they ever dreamt

Provide more opportunities to the small-scale businesses in India. Due to the launch of big MNC, many small-scale shops lost their economic livelihood. Zuzukart undoubtedly wants to improve the livelihood of these people and provide to them an ideal platform to earn and flourish.

Give way for women empowerment by giving opportunities many women employs in fields like delivery, service Kart, etc.

To give large-scale employments to many people in India

To include communities like “kudumbashree” and encourage them to sell their local products through Zuzukart.

Encouraging local farmers to sell their agriculture products through our village Kart directly through Zuzukart and efficiently being a helping hand to them.

Zuzukart will have a gender neutral approach to all its active users.

To develop authentic Kerala products a part of the global world and attract people from different communities to Zuzukart.


To empower and rebuild the nation for a greater future.